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multi-fandom mess (´・w・`) but mostly supernatural

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obsessive destiel!girl yet protective over sam winchester

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misha collins brightens up my world and stiles stilinski makes me incredibly happy

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teen wolf s4
doctor who
s1 rewatch

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free to be you and me

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listening to:

5 Seconds of Summer
fall out boy
a lot of fanmixes

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this blog is HATE FREE
but NOT SPOILER FREE but spoilers will be tagged with ex: #spn spoilers

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Look, I never had what you had with mom and dad, okay? I don’t have any memories of home. And whenever I’ve tried to make a home of my own, it really hasn’t ended well.

on my shoulders | a castiel fanmix | listen


Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge
gadrecl vs deargadreel
prompt: All the World's a Stage by William Shakespeare

you heal the sick
fight the oppression of those who would condemn you for your love
all you want is to be one of them
but you are not them
you are not them
you are better